Collins Family Session | Austin Turns 6!

I'd like to get personal for just a moment - I feel everyone who reads this should know about the Collins family... they are one of a kind ! Devin and I are new to Raleigh, and we miss our families often. However, being so welcomed and loved by people like the Collins has helped us feel right at home. On top of all their kindness, their hospitality (they've cooked amazing food for us multiple times!), and pure love, they have blessed me beyond words by being my FIRST family session in Raleigh NC - talk about support & trust! So very thankful for this precious family...

I believe she was telling me about the rocks...or squirrel? I was so focused on her cuteness, I don't remember! I love my new friends!

My pal, Austin! He scored a touch-down [crowd goes wild!] in the weekend game before our session! What a treat to hear him tell the story in his own words...handsome guy, turned 6 last month!