Rylee Gwenn | Dec. 2, 2016

Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.
- Psalm 23:4

On Nov. 30th, we made our way into room 234 - we'd meet our first little one right here. Surreal. More than real...one of the most vivid moments of our entire lives. Devin looked up the reference that may correlate to our room number and wrote it on the dry-erase board across from the hospital bed. Psalm 23:4 was so familiar, but we never would have anticipated the special unveiling about to take place.

"You are with me". 

This is a joy-filled story - there are certainly friends and family that have experienced a different layer or plane of this truth...but this is our ebenezer.

Being induced was low on my list. Why have a list though? ha, I'm learning guys, I'm learning. 
We waited 10 days past the EDD to give baby Coogan a chance to start the ball rollin' on their own, but it seems the womb was just too comfy to exit voluntarily. The next 24+ hours can be summed up with Psalm 23:4 - every unexpected update, no matter how seemingly dark, was not void of the comfort of Jesus' presence, power, and authority.

During the hardest point, Devin led our family to a time of worship. Fear was evicted from the room and joy of the Lord become our fresh strength again. What is there to fear when Jesus is with you?

3 hours of pushing (dude, I gave birth to a baby!? This is crazy) made me contemplate letting her live in there forever...but wow, the moment we saw her...
I know we would both endure so much more to have her with us. 

We have a glimpse of heaven - the pain endured before perfection with the One that loved us first. We anxiously await Your coming, Jesus! Thank you for our girl, Rylee.

Now... cry with me over this beautiful art made for us by our dear friend, Thomas...

©Thomas Blake Films | thomasblakefilms.com

©Thomas Blake Films | thomasblakefilms.com